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Forward Women

We know we can do it
and in high heels
We can, but we won't
dance backwards, ever again

Not to the back of the bus
Because Rosa took her seat
Not to the back of the line
Because Dolores walked in front
Not to be held down, even by gravity
Because Sally soared in space
Not to sit on the sidelines
Because Billie Jean won
Not to keep silent
Because Anita spoke up
Not to quit, not ever to quit
Because Hillary kept going

We do not wait for the lead
We will not follow
what is out of step
with freedom's dignity

We do not wait for your lead
Wait to feel the pressure
on our open palms, or the
pull at the small of our backs

Now the lead rises within
The ache in our hearts
Clarity of our minds
Fire in our bones

We step forth,
Forward women.

We do not wait for you to lead
With sons and with daughters in hand
With husbands and with wives
Lovers and friends by our side
We march, forward women.

We do not wait for you to lead.
We are the lead.

— Ellen Grace O’Brian, January 2017


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