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When body and mind grow weak, the Self gathers in
all the powers of life and descends with them into the
heart. As prana leaves the eye, it ceases to see. "He
is becoming one," say the wise, "he does not see. He
is becoming one; he no longer hears. He is becoming one;
he no longer speaks, or tastes, or smells, or thinks
or knows." By the light of the heart the Self
leaves the body by one of its gates; and when he leaves,
prana follows, and with all the vital powers of the
body. He who is dying merges in consciousness, and
thus consciousness accompanies him when he departs,
along with the impressions of all he has done
experienced, and knows.

— From "The Upanishads," interpreted by Eknath Easwaran


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Michael Scott is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, and a child custody mediator. He has been a therapist since 1982 and maintains a private practice in Santa Cruz, CA. Since 1985, Michael has served as a child custody mediator for The County of Santa Cruz Superior Court. He is an educator offering workshops both nationally and internationally on marriage, divorce, parenting, education, personal and professional development, conflict resolution, and the developmental needs of children.

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